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The Amazon

por Márcio Gallo publicado 22/11/2016 12h46, última modificação 22/11/2016 12h46

The Amazon Region is a region that covers the area occupied by the basin of the river Amazonas, the longest river on the planet, which stretches for over 25,000 kilometers of navigable rivers in seven South American countries, with a total area of approximately 7 million square kilometers.

The Brazilian part of the Amazon Region occupies an area of 5.2 million square kilometers, which is equivalent to 61% of the territory of the country. It covers 775 municipalities in the states of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins, and is home to over 20 million people.

It is a region with a rich biodiversity, considerable mineral reserves, a hydrographical basin with high hydroelectric potential and inestimable fish resources, besides being where a third of the world's tropical rainforests are situated. The Amazon Forest contains a lot of biological, animal and vegetable diversity, and an exceptional collection of plants that can be used for medicinal, aromatic and food purposes, amongst others, and offers an enormous potential for biotechnological development.

Extractive vegetable farming and cattle raising activities are the dominant activity, in a large part of the Amazon states. The mineral ore transformation industry is also important in Amapá, Amazonas and Pará. Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, is an important industrial center, which is the leader in the production of consumer electronics goods in Brazil.

Find out more about each of the Brazilian Amazon states from the addresses below:

Government of Acre
Avenida Brasil, 297, Centro – Rio Branco (AC)
CEP: 69.900-100
Phone: + 55 (68) 3223-8500 Fax: + 55 (68) 3223-8355

Government of Amapá
Palácio do Setentrião Rua General Rondon, 259, Centro – Macapá (AP)
CEP: 68906-130
Phone: + 55 (96) 32121141 FAX: + 55 (96) 32121104

Government of Amazonas
Palácio do Governo Avenida Brasil, s/n, Compensa II – Manaus (AM)
CEP: 69.036-110
Phone: + 55 (92) 3672-3077

Government of Maranhão
Palácio dos Leões Av. Dom Pedro II, s/n, Centro – São Luís (MA)
CEP: 65010-904
Phone:+ 55 (98) 2108-9610 FAX: + 55 (98) 2108-9161

Government of Mato Grosso
Centro Político Administrativo Palácio Paiaguás – Cuiabá (MT)
CEP: 78.050-970 
Phone: + 55 (65) 3613-4100 FAX: +55 (65) 3613-4120

Government of Pará
Palácio dos Despachos Rodovia Augusto Montenegro, km 9, Tenoné  – Belém (PA)
CEP: 66823-010
Phone: + 55 (91) 214-5585 / 5501

Government of Rondônia
Palácio Presidente Vargas Praça Getúlio Vargas  – Porto Velho (RO)
CEP: 78900-000 
Phone: +55 (69) 3216-5210 FAX: + 55 (69) 3216-5000

Government of Roraima
Palácio Senador Hélio Campos Praça do Centro Cívico, s/nº, Centro  – Boa Vista (RR)
CEP: 69.301-380 
Phone: + 55 (95) 2121-7920 / 7930 FAX: + 55 (95) 2121-7926

Government of Tocantins
Palácio Araguaia, Praça dos Girassóis – Palmas (TO)
CEP: 77001-900 
Phone: + 55 (63) 3218 1001 / 1010 FAX: + 55 (63) 3218-1092